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  • Poonam Bhansali

    / Exercise Physiologist

    Poonam Bhansali is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Inner East Health. Poonam is passionate about helping people achieve long lasting change or benefits thought exercise. She provides effective and safe exercise programs for people of all fitness level with or without medical conditions.

    She has a strong interest in fitness especially tracking, tai chi and yoga. In her spare time, Poonam loves to read, eat out and travel.

    Poonam is currently on extended leave and plans to return to Access Health & Community(ieHealth+) in 2018

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In the health industry, stability training is most common. Core stability is the first thing which comes to mind when we talk about stability, but it’s not only one. People do not give importance to another part of the body while stability training. We should not forget that our body parts are interrelated with each … Continued

Poonam Bhansali

/ Exercise Physiologist