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Child Development Morning When:                                Thursday 25th May 2017 Where:                              Access Health and Community                                                 283 Church Street, Richmond What time:                     Pop in any time between  9 & 12 noon Do you have any questions about your child’s development?       If you do: Pop in and chat with our experienced team of child development staff including … Continued

Management of ear wax or cerumen. The outer ear is self-cleaning. Ear wax moves its way down the canal in most people. Some members of the population be it children or adults have narrower ear canals or bendy ear canals and may get ear wax built up. Audiologists use a curette to remove ear wax … Continued

Kaush Troy

/ Audiologist

As a parent of young children, finding suitable childcare can be a daunting task. There are some fabulous childcare facilities in the area, but it pays to put your name down early at a number of centres because wait lists can be long. Do you need to find care for your child? There are four … Continued

Chris Coughlan

/ Business Development Manager