Ear wax removal

Kaush Troy

/ Audiologist

Doctor looking in girl's ear

Management of ear wax or cerumen. The outer ear is self-cleaning. Ear wax moves its way down the canal in most people. Some members of the population be it children or adults have narrower ear canals or bendy ear canals and may get ear wax built up.

Audiologists use a curette to remove ear wax from the outer canal and/or a suction device (if the texture of the ear wax is soft and hard to pull out with the curette).

Ear candling and syringing have some risk factors associated and can negatively affect a small percentage of the population. Ear candling has risk factors associated such as burning the skin. It should be noted that both the curettage method and suction method using a suction machine specifically designed to remove ear wax are the preferred ear wax removal methods.

Ear wax may need softening prior to removal. Please feel free to call your local audiologist if you have any concerns.

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