Gum Disease

James Tung

/ Dentist

Visiting the dentist for many requires a bit of courage. Most people wouldn’t seek help unless there is pain.  The unfortunate thing with Gum Diseases is that it is neither painful or symptomatic (debilitating) until the very advanced stages.  By that time when symptoms such as pain or tooth mobility arises from gum disease, treatment options and outcomes are limited.  In the worst situation, extraction may be the only solution.

Prevention is better than treatment. It is generally agreed within the oral health profession that professional cleaning be done at least once a year.  Professional clean should be started as young as teenage years.  With professional clean, young people exhibit good recovery to gum health.  As we age, however, gum disease that result in bone destruction has limited ability for healing.  Whatever damage done at this time are usually irreversible.

What if I already have more severe gum diseases?

Evidence show that around 30 years of age, gum disease with bone destruction can get worse.  The main treatment goal is to control the progression of the disease.  More regular check up and clean is recommended.  If necessary, deeper clean with special hand instruments under local anesthetic is required.  This can be carried out by professionals such as dental hygienists, dentists or periodontal specialist.  With ongoing care and maintenance, gum disease can be controlled.  If further actions are required, our professional team can also discuss and refer to relevant specialist for more advanced treatment options.