Part III – Accessing Psychology from start to finish

Jason Brain

/ Clinical Psychologist

Continued from Part II Accessing Psychology

7) 6 session GP review, 10 times per year: After 6 sessions working with your psychologist, you’ll need to see your GP for a Mental Health Treatment Plan Review, so they can assess your progress and check whether you need/want additional sessions. Like the first time, it’s important to book a longer session and state that it’s for the review, so your GP can give the necessary time to you and your review. Once additional sessions are approved, you can attend further sessions with your psychologist. If you attend a 7th session without attending an MHTP review with your GP, you may not be eligible for the rebate for that session, and would be liable for the full fee. And nobody wants that. Another important point is that you can access up to 10 rebated sessions with a Medicare psychologist per calendar year, meaning 10 session rebates to use between 1st January and 31st December every year. Whether or not you use any or all of the 10 sessions, the number resets to 10 sessions on January 1st the following year (leftover sessions don’t roll over to the next year).

The last few sessions will often involve making plans for you to continue working on things on your own after sessions finish, and reviewing the things that have been covered so far. You might wish to schedule ‘booster sessions’ with your psychologist in the remainder of the year, such as a check-in a few months after the last rebated session, if you think this would be useful (and are in a financial position to do so). It’s very useful for you to keep any exercises, written notes, and other resources in a folder somewhere safe, as coming back to it months or years later can be very helpful, and save you having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ later on if similar issues make a comeback.